We cater to a variety of businesses

Our market leading inner-city Melbourne courier service helps businesses increase profits and achieve success by delivering their items in the fastest, safest and most efficient way possible. All backed by an easy to use online booking system, competitive pricing and first-class client service.

Hospitals and Clinics

We can assist the medical industry by transporting time-sensitive documents crucial for the patient’s well-being. This includes lab results, X-rays, medical samples and other necessary paperwork.

Pharmaceutical industry

By using Centexpress, Pharmaceutical companies can keep track of their valuable shipments with the use of our advanced tracking systems.

Schools and Universities

We can provide schools and universities with a service that meets strict confidentiality requirements. You can rely on us to deliver sensitive financial documents as well as other valuable school items.

Printing companies

Due to the nature of the printing industry, delivery of posters, brochures, magazines and other material are often required at a moment’s notice because of last-minute orders. You can trust Centexpress to guarantee your products will make it to their destination safely and on-time.

Law firms

Working closely with legal practices, Centexpress deliver complex civil and criminal case reports. You can rely on our dedicated couriers to meet strict deadlines, allowing you time to examine vital information and successfully resolve your cases.

Accounting firms

It’s not just at Tax time, Centexpress can deliver time-sensitive and highly-confidential documents all year round. We make your job easier and more productive by freeing your staff from having to make deliveries themselves.

Real Estate companies

Real estate agents and brokers need to send and receive important documents, like contracts. And often, time is an important factor in closing a sale, so you can relax knowing Centexpress is on the job.

Fashion and retail

For daily shipments that urgently need to be delivered to their destination, Centexpress couriers has a fleet of 1 tonne trucks that can handle the job. We’ll meet your expectations everytime.

E-commerce businesses

In today’s online world,more people are doing business via the internet. But they still need their goods delivered to their customers. That’s where Centexpress comes in. Whether it’s a one-off delivery or regular daily, weekly or monthly runs – we’ve got you covered!

Want to know more? Call our friendly staff at Centexpress on 1300 789 741 and we’d be happy to answer all your questions and arrange a quote.