At Centexpress we do our very best to make sure your valuable parcel, documents or goods are delivered safely and on-time. But sometimes it’s not our fault when things go wrong.

Here are some common same day delivery mistakes, clients can make;

MISTAKE NUMBER 1: Overestimating

If you require delivery by 5:00pm, scheduling it for midday can increase your cost by 30-40%. Centexpress offers our clients a number of service levels. Choosing the right one will save you money. Let us help you choose the level of service that’s right for you. Just ask.

MISTAKE NUMBER 2: Wrong Number

Make sure you give us the correct purchase order number. The wrong one can waste time and be more expensive. Always provide an identifying order number and double check to make certain it’s accurate.


Who should we collect the package from? If it’s not at the front desk, how can we reach them? Especially in large companies, the driver needs the contact’s name and phone number so we can track it down in minutes instead of wasting time.


Do we need to go to the back of the building, through the side door, have a particular person sign? Don’t hide that information. Every order at Centexpress has a section for Special Instructions. Let us know and we’ll be happy.


Some companies close completely for lunch or don’t accept deliveries at certain times. If we go to deliver and no one’s there, we have to send the driver away to do other things and come back for a re-delivery. This incurs additional costs which can easily be avoided by alerting us to scheduled company closures.

By paying attention to these details, you’ll save time, money and guarantee a smooth delivery experience. The more we know the better.

Do you have any further questions? Call our friendly staff at Centexpress on 1300 789 741 and we’d be happy to give you more handy tips.