Express Service – Couriers in Melbourne

Centexpress has over 15 years experience specialising in urgent, on-demand courier services in Melbourne. We don’t rely on a GPS to get around – we know Melbourne like the back of our motorcycle glove.

Our comprehensive vehicle fleet can handle deliveries of all shapes and sizes, from lightweight documents to items weighing up to 1000kg. We offer three levels of service priority – fast, faster and fastest! Melbourne carriers by Centexpress can offer you the highest level of professional delivery service.

For reliable couriers in Melbourne, we are your best choice. We offer a dedicated line of service, no matter your location or the location of your customers in Melbourne. The couriers we provide give you the assurance of a professional delivery experience, from our experienced delivery professionals. We provide the best couriers Melbourne has to offer.

Couriers from Centexpress have the perfect combination of experience with the streets of Melbourne and dedication to professional service. Our drivers and bikers have years of experience navigating the main thoroughfares as well as the backstreets of Melbourne. Courier service from Centexpress assures you of a dedicated, experienced, professional courier for whatever delivery needs your business may have. Whenever you may find yourself of need of services from a courier, Melbourne’s local Centexpress can provide what you need.

Whenever you need couriers in Melbourne—whether you need a legal document delivered to a business client as quickly and reliably as possible, or if you need a large furniture piece transported from your home in the suburbs to your office in Melbourne—courier services by Centexpress are ready to service your needs.

If you’re not already a Centexpress client, and would like to make a booking, contact us by clicking ‘casual bookings’ in the menu to the left, or phone us on 1300 789 741 now. One of our friendly service team will be happy to take your booking or answer your questions. Our Melbourne couriers are ready to assist you, no matter your needs.

At Centexpress we take pride in providing the very best in courier services. The couriers Melbourne-leader Centexpress can provide you are knowledgeable, reliable, and professional. For the best couriers in Melbourne, contact Centexpress the next time you need anything delivered in Melbourne—any size of delivery, as fast as you require.

Have questions for us? Want to learn more about the services and couriers in Melbourne we can provide you? Great! If you would like more information on becoming a Centexpress client, including how we can save you time and cost, click on ‘new clients’ in the menu above.

We know Melbourne. We’d like to get to know you too! The next time you need the help of a reliable courier in Melbourne, let Centexpress provide you with our expert service.